Precision gears, designed for durability and quiet running

Traditionally – made with conviction. All this shows our new E-Bike drive system by Metz, impresses with its compact dimensions and low weight with best performance values. A High-Performance motor, a clear and intuitive display and at least a long-range battery were developed with the recipe for success by Metz. We have the experience from over 1 million e-drives sold.


Weight 2,8 – 3,2 kg
Compact design
4 performance classes 55 Nm; 75 Nm; 85 Nm; 125 Nm Peak-Power – 500 W
Quiet running
Powerful pushing aid up to 6 km/h, with throttle on request
4 support levels Eco, Sport, Power, Ultra
Gearshift interruption
128-mm pedal shaft
ISCG-05 Interface

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Model  PowerTec  CargoTec 
Motortype/Torque 55 Nm  75 Nm  85 Nm 125 Nm
Peak-Power (at chainring)
from cadence
350 W  450 W  500 W
500 W
Continuous Power (at chainring) 250 W  250 W  250 W 250 W
Weight ca. 2,9 kg ca. 3,2 kg
Battery /Power 36 V / max. 20 A continuous 36 V / max. 24 A continuous
Whispermode Yes No
Max. supported speed up to 25 km/h (DIN EN 15194)
Headlight/Backlight terminal 6 V / 9 W
Dimensions 20 x 13 x 10 cm
Drive shaft ISIS 128 mm
Integrated sensors for Pedalpower and Cadence
External sensors Speed, Switch
Other characteristics IP54, CAN Bus, updatable
Particularities Zero-Cadence-Support; ISCG-05 Interface

Metz – Pioneer in e-bike drives

  • We configure our drives to meet your requirements
  • All variants have the same mechanical dimensions
  • Available at short notice
  • Very good value for money

Meets the standards and European directives:
DIN EN 15194; DIN EN ISO 4210-2: 2015-12; Directive 2014/53/EU;
Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC; EMC Directive 2014/30/EU;
Hazardous Substances Directive 2011/65/EU

The display

Ergonomically shaped – clear and intuitive display

  • LCD color display with highly legible pixels in direct sunlight.
  • Automatic brightness adjustment for optimal readability under all lighting conditions
  • A stylish display with ergonomically positioned buttons.

Main Display Mode
State of charge, Support-Mode, Speed

Other Display
Range, Cadence, Trip-time, Trip-route, max. Speed, average Speed, Total Trip
Optional: Clock, Navigation hints


  • 4 buttons (ergonomically located)
  • Mirco-USB output for charging (1A), for example, a mobile phone
  • Bluetooth LE
  • Komoot Navigation App (Android / iOS)
  • CAN-Bus
  • Beep tone
  • Updates are possible via service tool